Affiliate Events

Events planned independently during OPTIONS X are categorised as AFFILIATE EVENTS.  These activities provide opportunities for colleagues to gather and/or network with others within the field.  

The OPTIONS X Organising Committee understands the value of having a large number of specialists in one place and we offer the opportunity for universities, government agencies, non-profit and corporate/industry groups to organize non-educational events over the course of the Congress.

Should you wish to notify the Committee / apply for approval, please write to ISIRV Administration

Events at Official and Unofficial Facilities

All events involving OPTIONS X attendees require approval.  This includes events scheduled at unofficial facilities including corporate headquarters, non-official hotels, special venues, restaurants, etc.

Restricted Times

The OPTIONS X schedule has been developed to maximise attendees’ participation in the OPTIONS X Programme and Exhibition.  Therefore, the availability and timing of affiliate events is limited. The blackout times are listed below (may be subject to change).  OPTIONS X is protective of its attendees’ time, energy and attention and strongly objects to third party initiatives scheduled outside of established guidelines.  

Wednesday, 28 August

13:00 pm – 19.30 pm

Thursday, 29 August

8:30 am  - 19.30 pm

Friday, 30 August

8.30 am - 19.30 pm

Saturday, 31 August

8.30 am - 19.00 pm

Sunday, 1 September

8.30 am - 14.30 pm

Description of Affiliate Events

Affiliate events are limited to no more than 25 attendees and include, but are not limited, to the following. 

Advisory Board Meetings

Small meetings, 25 people or fewer.  Sponsored and financially supported by a pharmaceutical/biotech organization, academic center or non-profit.

Committee Meetings

Small meetings, 25 people or fewer.  A designated group of people chosen or appointed to perform a specified service of function related to a specific area of expertise.

Focus Groups

Meetings that target a specific group of attendees to obtain specific data, evaluate services or test new ideas.  25 attendees or fewer.  

Hospitality Suite

Social gatherings sponsored and financial supported by a government, industry, non-profit or university organization.  Educational activity of any kind is strictly prohibited. 

Investigator Meetings

Sponsored and financially supported by a pharmaceutical/biotech organization, academic center, non-profit organization or consortium.  Investigator meetings are closed to the public and must focus on institutional review board or regulatory agency approved protocol and must review or conduct results of a specific study, current clinical trial or products.  Promotional meetings for data presentation or to launch a drug or study are prohibited.  

Social/Networking and University Alumni Events

Receptions, dinners or other events organized and sponsored financially by a university, government agency or non-profit organization.  No educational programming can be offered or presented.  

Other Events

If a proposed event is not defined or described above, the proposed event will still be subject to approval.  

Content and Use of the ISIRV/Options Name and Logo

All advertisements, promotions or invitations for affiliate events must bear the following statement: “This programme is not affiliated with ISIRV / Options X.”  This statement must appear on the cover/front page of any copy using at least 12 pt. font size. 

The Options X logo or name may not be used in any promotions, advertisements, meeting materials or correspondence related to affiliate events.


Contact ISIRV Administration