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Raising Defenses: Strengthening Influenza Protection

Friday, 30 August 2019 | 12:45 - 13.45 Main Hall 406CX


12:45 - 12:50

Identifying the threats: Evaluating the unmet needs in influenza vaccination

Professor John S. Tam, Hong Kong

12:50 - 13:05

Protecting against an elusive enemy: The challenge of strain mismatch and egg mutagenesis

Dr Catherine Moore, UK

13:05 - 13:20

Shielding the vulnerable: Improving effectiveness through adjuvanted vaccines

Professor Terry Nolan, Australia

13:20 - 13:35

Defending against the threat of a pandemic: How prepared are we?

Professor Andy Pavia, USA

13:35 - 13:45

Close - Professor John S. Tam, Hong Kong

Programme Description

This symposium will focus on recent developments in seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccination, explaining how adjuvanted vaccines and cell-based vaccine technologies could help to reduce the burden of disease. Our international faculty will offer expert insight and opinion on the emerging evidence that supports the widespread use of these technologies.

Company Description

Seqirus has public health protection at its core, which reflects the promise of our parent company CSL Limited (ASX:CSL), founded in 1916 to save lives and protect the health of people. Our first true test came with the Spanish Influenza Pandemic in 1918 and we have been committed to the fight against influenza ever since.  As one of the largest influenza vaccine providers in the world, Seqirus is a major contributor to the prevention of influenza globally and a transcontinental partner in pandemic preparedness. Seqirus operates state-of-the-art production facilities in the U.S., the UK and Australia, manufactures influenza vaccines using both egg-based and cell-based technologies and has a globally integrated supply chain. It has a rich R&D pipeline, a broad portfolio of differentiated products and a commercial presence in more than 20 countries. For more information visit www.seqirus.com and www.csl.com