Pre-Conference Events

There are a number of workshops/events taking place prior to Options X - Register here

26-27 August |  SPHERIC Modelling Workshop - Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling -


Mathematical and computer modelling of infectious diseases has become an important tool to assess strategies to prevent or mitigate outbreaks. With influenza, for instance, models have been used to assess vaccination strategies, school closure, and the impact of other social distancing measures, for both pandemic preparedness and response to seasonal influenza outbreaks. However, as their complexity increases, models become increasingly hard for non-experts to understand.

The objectives of this workshop are two-fold. On the first day, our experienced team of instructors will introduce simple models of influenza transmission through a mixture of lectures and hands-on practical sessions. On the second day, we will hold a ‘modelling masterclass’ in which expert modellers will present cutting edge research through extended seminars.

27 August |  High-Level Isolation and Outbreak Management Course    Fee SGD $195


Communicable disease outbreaks are often unpredictable but first line providers are expected to maintain readiness. This was exemplified during the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Increased travel and global interconnectivity increases the risk of the spread of pathogens like viral hemorrhagic fevers and respiratory pathogens such as MERS-CoV, SARS, and avian influenza. Outbreak preparedness is multi-disciplinary and a continuum involving administration, facility design and management, well thought-out workflow and processes, communications, emergency preparedness, and the need to drill down to both individual level and team dynamics. Specifically, healthcare workers may be unfamiliar with caring for patients and working with other colleagues while in enhanced protective equipment and need to receive both specific and regular training in these areas. This course will provide an introduction to skills required to respond to such infectious pathogens in the healthcare setting. Read more...

28 August |  Health Technology Assessment for Vaccines 

Full fee SGD $325   Student fee SGD $225 

Also open to non-delegates

As more low and middle-income countries (LMICs) commit themselves to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), it is timely to understand the current policy environment and implementation aspects of immunization programs as they relate to UHC policies in the LMICs.

This Health Technology Assessment (HTA) workshop aims to provide knowledge on the use of HTA methods and processes for policy development to support universal access to vaccinations and their contribution to UHC policies. This forum will serve as a platform for technical and policy exchange among stakeholders from both public and private sectors, and to learn from experienced experts working in universities, governments and World Health Organization.

This workshop is aimed at participants who are members of NITAGs, HTA agencies, Ministries of Health, EPI managers and others making decisions about vaccine introduction. Read more...

28 August |  SPECIAL SESSION - Latest Research from China  

Fee - FOC

(At the conference venue - Options X delegates only)

In the changing landscape of global health, China's research capacity has grown substantially over the years. China has also strengthened its global collaboration in influenza research and control. At the same time, many novel influenza subtypes have been identified in birds and humans in China, providing the opportunity to study these viruses and to strengthen clinical and public health response measures against them. In this half-day session, distinguished researchers and policy makers from China will showcase their work on novel influenza in animals and zoonotic infections, as well as novel clinical studies on various pharmaceuticals, including Chinese medicine. Participants interested to learn about China’s novel research efforts and policies towards influenza are welcome to attend the session. Read more...

28 August |  School of Influenza - Intensive Preparation Session   


(Held at the conference venue - open to Options X delegates only)

An education programme aimed at young scientists that provides a comprehensive grounding in influenza virus with opportunity to interact with world-renowned experts in their field. The School is aimed at graduate students and young scientists who are starting, or in the early stages of a career in influenza, public health, surveillance, research or product development. The original concept for the ISIRV School was to provide a comprehensive understanding of influenza viruses, as well as many aspects of control and prevention strategies for influenza. This 'mini' School will provide participants with the background and content for maximal understanding and learning at the Options X meeting.

The scientific programme is an intensive half-day before the start of the Options X meeting, with presentations by world-renowned experts and academics to provide participants with a comprehensive scientific grounding in many aspects of influenza ranging from theoretical concepts to basic techniques used in research and surveillance. The course is designed for a minimum of 30 students and around 80 students are expected. Read more...